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turkish tea maker electric

Electric Turkish Tea Maker Caydanlik Teapot Çaycı Samaver UK


Electric Turkish Tea Maker Caydanlik Teapot Çaycı Samaver UK

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Electric Turkish Tea Maker Caydanlik Teapot Çaycı Samaver UK

  • Multifunctional: “2 in 1” tea and kettle “
  • Energy-saving: keep warm mode with low energy consumption.
  • Time-saving: your tea always stays hot and ready.
  • Design meets tradition: high-quality design combines traditional tea preparation with modern standards.
  • High tea enjoyment: The best way to prepare tea in the traditional way – ideal development of the taste – ideal tea temperature
    approx. 95 ° C. The tea draws at the optimal temperature – thus maximum tea enjoyment through ideal aroma development time
  • Individual taste design: The strength of the tea can be determined individually from cup to cup.
  • Large capacity: Also suitable as a large capacity kettle – 1.8l; Tea container detachable,
  • Space-saving: can be used as a kettle or tea express. No additional space required.
  • The energy-saving mode means that boiling, hot or warm water is always available to dilute the tea
    or to prepare instant coffee or other ready-made drinks in between – perfect for energy-conscious households
  • Different types of tea can be easily mixed in the teapot (positive effects of tea on the body)
  • Feature: Two thermostats, heat-resistant plastic handle, easy handling
  • Shapes: Also available in other colors (black, white)
  • Red Led Colour When boiling and blue Led Colour When keeping warm
  • Kettle: Glass
  • Tea Pot: Heat-resistant glass
  • Product Color = Black/Red
  • Energy-saving dual heating element system : Yes
  • Tea filter : Stainless Steel
  • Kettle Capacity : 1.8 L
  • Tea Pot Capacity : 1.2 L
  • Auto Power Off
  • Stainless steel infusion filter in the teapot
  • Power : 1850-2200 W boiling, 140-167 W keep warm
  • The two phase heating system (for boiling water and keeping water hot) automatically saves energy while keeping the water hot
  • In UK stock
  • 4 Years Warranty
  • Made in EU