Turkish Coffee Maker Copper Cezve

What Is a Cezve?

This is a traditional name for Turkish coffee pot, also referred to as Ibrik or Ibriq. It was designed to make the process of Turkish coffee preparation easy and comfortable. Normally, the Turkish coffee maker cezve was made of copper or brass. Yet, the rich preferred having silver and gold pots. Historians believe the Turkish pot for coffee first came into use at middle ages, mainly in the end of the 15th century. This was the time when coffee houses became widely spread in Turkey.

The form of cezve is simple. Yet, it is able to provide an excellent and easy way of making Turkish coffee with little effort. That is probably why this ancient item has become so popular in our modern world. Whenever you want a strong and crisp drink, it won’t take more than five minutes to prepare a cup of Turkish coffee.

Types of Turkish Coffee Pots

Turkish Zone recommends paying attention to the following cezve characteristics:

Material of the pot.
Normally, the modern market offers Turkish coffee pots made in copper, brass and stainless steel. The first two materials are preferred by coffee fans who stick to the old traditions. The coffee brewed in a copper cezve tastes more natural and is better than the one brewed in the stainless steel, they say. Yet, their opponents prefer the stainless version for its higher durability and lower maintenance requirements. It’s hard to determine which of the sides is right, so the best recommendation would probably be to try all of the types and make your own decision.
Material of the handle.
While most of the stainless steel Turkish coffee pots are equipped with stainless steel or heat-repellant plastic handles, the copper ibriks deploy wooden or brass handles. Yet, if the handle is not too long, Turkish Zone recommends buying Turkish coffee maker copper cezves with heat-repellant plastic or wooden handles, simply because short metal handles tend to heat up faster causing accidental hand burns.
Size of the coffee pot.
It is probably impossible to recommend only one size. Our experience shows that most of our Turkish Shop customers prefer buying at least two different sizes. As a rule, they take a small 1-2 cup size for everyday use and a bigger 5-6 for special occasions.

Why Copper Coffee Cezve?

As you probably might know, copper is a highly efficient conducting metal. That’s why it is widely used in electronics for creating current and heat conductors. Most of our laptops’ heat exchange systems are made of copper, for example. This metal is able to dispense the heat evenly along its surface within a short period of time. Consequently, a copper cezve provides an even amount of heat deployed to the coffee inside of it. As a result, you can avoid temperature differences in various parts of the mixture which provide the best aroma and flavour disclosure.

In addition, the Turkish coffee maker copper cezve provides an exceptional shiny look which will definitely become a perfect decoration accessory at your kitchen. Copper surfaces do not require sophisticated treatment. All you need to do is to apply a soft cloth from time to time to keep them sparkling like brand new. Many of our clients prefer copper coffee pots because this metal tends to look better and more valuable with time.

We offer a top quality Turkish coffee maker copper cezves manufactured by renowned Turkish brands directly from our UK-based stock. This means you will get an original Turkish cezve delivered to you in short terms. You can always count on getting the best coffee pot, no matter what size or material you prefer at Turkish Zone.