Turkish Evil Eyes

What Is a Turkish Evil Eye?

The Turkish lucky evil eye, also known as Nazar Boncuk, is an amulet performed in the shape of an eye. According to beliefs, it protects its owner from bad luck. Nowadays, it is a popular dark blue Turkish souvenir with the eye shape glass or plastic in the middle. Yet, you can often encounter this amulet in Turkish homes. Turkey has been famous for producing these amulets since old times. The history of this talisman goes back to ancient Anatolia where it had used to be the most widely spread protection against spell casting. The Anatolians believed that the look of the blue glass eye had to secure its owners from spelling a cast upon them. There was a conviction that this amulet could bring happiness to its owners as well as their family members. Even today, many Turkish parents give their kids the evil eyes as a protection amulet.

At our Turkish Shop, you will find a wide range of lucky evil eyes coming from renowned Turkish craftsmen. We bring a true good luck amulets selection made of high-quality glass of various sizes and colors. You can always find the right style and size for any occasion. Whenever you want to make a stylish present to your friend, or simply would like to enhance your home’s interior with something bright and exotic, you can always be sure the Turkish talisman is the right choice.

Where to Buy a Good Turkish Talisman?

Nowadays, the market is abound in plenty of manufacturers and producers of this popular accessory. Of course, the best Turkish amulets you can get are those coming originally from Turkey. Their history began in this country, so if you want a real one, you’d better get it from Turkey. There, you can still find a long-lasting tradition of evil eye manufacturing which has preserved the old techniques. That’s what makes your evil eye talisman unique and special.

Unlike many shops selling cheap replicas, we at Turkish Zone deliver only the premium quality amulets coming directly from Turkey. Due to our cooperation with the most renowned Turkish manufacturers, we are able to offer a wide range of sizes and colors, from the most conventional to absolutely exotic ones. You can always be sure of getting an original amulet performed by using genuine Turkish manufacturing traditions and techniques.

If you want to make a nice present to your family, be sure to buy from us. We guarantee the highest quality as well as a unique design and an authentic style. Our Turkish lucky evil eyes are not cheap plastic fakes, which you can normally encounter at your local flea market. We specialize only at the true quality and the highest performance. Yet, it doesn’t mean we sell only expensive accessories.

The Turkish Zone shop provides a flexible pricing policy as well as the individual approach to every particular client. If you’ve decided to become one of our customers, be sure we will come up with a bunch of viable offers in order to meet your demands in style, quality and pricing. Our aim is to make our clients happy by providing them with a high-quality product at a reasonable price. And this is what we are experts in! Along with our excellent products, you get a genuine Turkish good luck and a protection from evil eye.

Due to regular deliveries from Turkey, we constantly enlarge our stock, so be sure to check up for updates on our web page. In case, you haven’t found the design you wanted be sure to contact us at Turkish Zone and we’ll do our best to get it as fast as possible.

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