Turkish Coffee Grinder

Nowadays, people drink coffee which is brewed in many ways. Every coffee drink offers its unique aroma and a special taste pleasure. Turkish coffee is probably one of the most popular caffeine drinks in the UK. You can often find it in many coffee houses throughout the UK. Yet, to get the maximum pleasure of this coffee drink, you need to buy the one which was properly prepared. Following the basic brewing rules is quite important.

As for Turkish coffee, it is probably one of the oldest brewing techniques. The main idea is to have the coffee beans ground as fine as possible in order to have the maximum contact with water while extracting the aroma-containing natural oils into your drink. Unlike espresso or other methods, Turkish coffee comes as a result of natural pre-boiling temperature extraction. This process is comparatively longer, but it provides a complete selection, securing a perfect finish to your coffee aroma.

For this reason, the grind is the key factor in brewing a proper Turkish coffee and that’s why the Turkish Zone is here to offer you the top level performance Turkish coffee grinders. As you probably know the grind for Turkish coffee has to be powder-like, consequently the grinder has to be powerful and reliable. Today you can find plenty of electric grinders which are fast and comfortable. But most of them cannot provide the powder grind, as a rule. That’s why we recommend sticking to the old but reliable way – manual coffee grinders.

A Turkish grinder is traditionally made by using a mechanism deploying special burr mills designed to grind beans into powder. It requires some physical effort, though, but with our Turkish coffee grinders you can be 100 percent sure of getting the finest thin powder. If you want to impress your guests by a unique coffee aroma, buying top quality beans may not be enough. The proper preparation is practically impossible without having the right grind size. In case your coffee grind is too thick, you won’t get all the natural oils into your drink. And if you raise the temperature, they will simply evaporate.

Turkish Coffee Grinder Maintenance

Turkish Zone offers you a wide selection of coffee grinders of various sizes and appearances. The high-quality steel, used in the mechanism, provides years of efficient use, of course if the basic maintenance requirements are fulfilled. Some of them are as follows:

Use dry coffee beans only.
In case you put beans which are not dry enough, you’ll get a thicker grind and risk to spoil the mechanism. If the remains of the wet coffee beans are not removed, you risk getting the mechanism stuck or even corroded with time.
Avoid contact with water.
Be sure to wash the exterior surface carefully so that the water cannot go inside. It is better to use a wet cloth to treat the surface. Anyway, the grinder has to be dried out after every use.
Provide dry storage conditions for the grinders.
To avoid corrosion risk, be sure to keep the grinder in a dry place.

How to Drink Turkish Coffee

Normally, the Turkish coffee is traditionally served with a glass of cold water. After each sip of coffee, you are to drink a small amount of water to wash out the taste from your palette. It is not recommended to drink coffee right after it has been served. Give it some time so that the small particles of grind can sink down to the bottom of your cup. As a rule, it takes about half a minute. You cannot drink it fast! It takes some time to feel the unique aroma and the flavour. So, if you want a true Turkish coffee, be sure to find the time and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy this marvelous drink.

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