Turkish Coffee Sets

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world today. It is known since ancient times and has developed a long tradition. Practically every country has its own coffee customs. No matter what country you go to, you can always find some peculiar features of coffee preparation. In the UK people are basically fond of espresso, latte, Americano, mocha and Turkish coffee. Yet, to get the maximum pleasure of a coffee drink, you need to have it correctly prepared as well as properly served. Every small detail is important.

Turkish coffee sets from Turkish Zone are an absolute must have coffee accessories not only for coffee fans but also people who want to impress their guests with a special unique design and style. We aim at helping our clients finding the highest quality vessels for serving a true Turkish coffee.

Why You Need a Turkish Coffee Set

The Turkish ritual of coffee drinking has been known since the middle ages, when this tradition became widespread in the Turkish Empire, mainly in Istanbul. Coffee accessories, such as coffee sets, started to emerge together with the development of coffee drinking. They were originally designed to improve the quality of this highly pleasant engagement as well as to provide the best flavour and aroma to coffee fans of that time.

The Turkish coffee sets were designed to keep the heat of the drink as long as possible, as well as to retain the coffee’s natural flavour and prevent it from leaving the drink. The first coffee accessories weren’t probably luxury items, but they soon became and have remained such ever since. If you go to a fashionable restaurant where they serve Turkish coffee you are highly likely to get it in a beautifully ornamented metal holders with excellent porcelain cups. If you want a real Turkish coffee, you need to have it correctly prepared and properly served. At Turkish Zone, you will find all kinds of Turkish coffee sets, offering a wide range of designs and sizes.

Types of Turkish Coffee Cups

To enjoy Turkish coffee fully, you need to drink it in small sips. For this reason, an average cup, like the one used for espresso, doesn’t work. First of all, it is too big and does not preserve the beverage temperature the way it should. There are two types of Turkish coffee cups: the Gawa or Mirra and Ottoman style cups. The Gawa/Mirra are traditional porcelain coffee cups without holders, which are usually held by fingertips. The Ottoman style cup consists of a porcelain cup embraced by a metal basket with a holder. This is a more advanced type usually made of brass or copper. It offers versatile ornaments and exclusive look.

How to Choose Turkish Coffee Cups

The Turkish Zone offers a wide range of original Turkish coffee cups. Here you can find all types of coffee sets. But before buying we would recommend thinking of the purpose of investing in these marvelous pieces of art. The main criteria for choosing the Turkish coffee set should be as follows:

Think of how many people will use it. This will help to decide on the size of your set.
Thinks of the purpose. You definitely do not need an extremely expensive set for your daily use, while special occasions may require a more luxurious one.
Think of the design. This is a highly personal issue. Fortunately, the Turkish Zone offers a wide range of oriental ornaments and motifs, so you can always find something that suits you most of all.
Think of the origin. As a rule, high quality, as well as the value of the coffee set, depends on the manufacturer and the country of origin. Turkish porcelain coffee sets are well known throughout the world and are highly valued for their unique designs and exceptional quality.