Turkish Tea Sets

Tea is probably one of the most popular beverages in the UK today. This country has been amongst the world’s largest tea consumers for many years. Most of us prefer tea in the afternoon with sandwiches or other treats. While having a short break at work or at home, tea is sure to be your most common choice of a drink.

Like any other beverage, tea has to be properly prepared as well as correctly served. If you want to buy a true quality Turkish tea set, be sure to visit us at Turkish Zone. We come with a wide variety of tea sets offering various designs, forms and materials. Our sets are an absolute must have tea accessories not only for tea fans but also people who want to impress their guests with a special unique design and style. We aim at helping our clients finding the highest quality vessels for serving a true flavour tea aroma.

Tea in Turkey

The ritual of tea drinking has been known since ancient times. This tradition came to the Middle East from ancient China and became widespread in the Turkish Empire, mainly in Istanbul. Tea accessories, mainly tea sets, started to emerge as an integral part of the tea drinking culture. They were designed to improve the quality of this popular drink and to enjoy the rich flavour and aroma in the best possible way.

Nowadays, turkey consumes approximately the same amount of tea per capita as the UK. That’s from 6 to 7 pounds per person a year! So, you can be sure that Turkish people know about tea everything. Original Turkish tea is black. It’s preparation is done in an absolutely unique manner. For this reason a double bottom pot, also known as caydanlik, is used. While the bottom contains boiling water, the top of the pot is stuffed with tea leaves.

After the water starts to boil it moves up reaching the tea. It usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes to prepare tea this way. More is not allowed to avoid a bitter taste. Then the tea is served in small transparent glasses in order to enjoy the saturated color of the drink. Like Turkish coffee, it is sipped in small portions to provide maximum pleasure from the rich aroma.

How to Choose a Turkish Tea Set

The Turkish Zone comes with a wide selection of original Turkish tea sets. But before buying we would recommend thinking of the main criteria for choosing a Turkish tea set. You need to be sure of the following things:

How big should it be? You need to decide on the size of your set. For daily use we recommend buying something small and practical, instead of big luxurious items.
What do you actually plan to use it for? For special occasions, you are sure to choose something appealing and luxurious. It will definitely add to your interior design and bring special and unique atmosphere to your party or celebration.
What design do you personally prefer? This is a matter of personal style, of course, but due to the Turkish Zone offering a wide range of oriental ornaments and motifs, you can always find something unique and interesting.
What quality do you actually care for? If you want a highly valued tea set pay attention to the producer as well as to the country where it comes from. Turkish tea sets are famous worldwide featuring distinct design combined with traditional manufacturing techniques.

Be sure to check for stock updates at our website in order to get the newest offers from Turkish Zone. Our dedication is to offer you the true Turkish style and quality goods.